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2nd December 2022
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1 December Santa Tour 2022

Bring the thermos, rucksack and hiking boots!

We are going for a walk in the mountains in Benidoleig, Sierra de Siguili - 1 December.

The path meanders upwards for approx. 800 meters. We don't have to go far before we can enjoy the beautiful view over the valley.

Afterwards, we walk along a gentle forest path through pine forest before we have another climb of approx. 400 meters.

On the way up there are many information boards about the plants, bushes and trees we see.

Once up, we take a breather on the ground, and find the thermos - and the carols. It is important to keep the traditions.

The route is 6 kilometers in total. You can decide whether you think you need to bring a lunch, but you must in any case bring drinks - and we will bring the gingerbread.

The technology of burning lime has been known long before our era. On the trip we find a well-preserved lime kiln.

In the distance we glimpse Denia. A board at the lookout point tells us the names of what we see.

Once downstairs, we go straight into the nearest bar for a refreshment before driving to the restaurant.

The tour ends at restaurant Los Arcos in Pedreguer. Here it is "tablecloth on the table", so it might be good to bring a clean shirt on the bus.

We get joint appetizers on the table.

For the main course you can choose between

Arroz del Senyoret (The name of the senyoret rice is given by the ingredients it contains, at the request of the "senyoret", or gentleman of the house. Normally fish and shellfish are used, with the only condition that everything, absolutely everything, must be peeled, without bones and in small pieces, so that the young man does not get his hands dirty and can eat the rice in one bite)

Carrillera de cerdo (pork jowls)

Corvina (a fish that can be up to 2 meters long! Here I almost have to ask you to look at a picture of the fish on Google. I don't know what this is in Norwegian. Can anyone help me?)

Please state your choice when registering.

Afterwards, dessert and coffee are served.

Drinks with the meal are included (beer, soda, water and/or ½ bottle of wine per person)

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